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Cleaning of premises is carried out by cleaning organizations. Cleaning is a wide variety of services from daily complex cleaning of offices to cleaning after repair or construction.

Swiss company "CLEANFIX" is actively developing company, which provides professional cleaning services for cleaning the premises.

"CLEANFIX" uses the technology of world leaders in the production of harvesting equipment -  "COLUMBUS", "CLEANFIX", "KARCHER", "NILFISK". This professional cleaning equipment has high performance, low noise and sufficient power, which makes the process of professional cleaning quality and absolutely not annoying and inconspicuous for the client.

With such a technique, the list of services provided to the client becomes unlimited.

To free you from unnecessary trouble, we are constantly working to expand the range of our services, using advanced technologies in the field of cleaning.

Window washing and facade washing are professional services for washing windows, washing window glass and cleaning the facade of buildings. We offer the best prices and the most modern technologies for washing glass surfaces, washing the facade and advertising structures using heated deionized water and telescopic carbon rods Gardiner.

By the forces of the company "CLEANFIX" professional cleaning of apartments, offices, and other premises, with the help of modern equipment, high-quality and safe chemicals, can be carried out at any time convenient for you.

Our services:

  • Permanent complex cleaning of internal premises
  • Permanent external complex cleaning of the adjacent territory
  • General cleaning of internal premises
  • Cleaning after repair and construction works
  • Washing windows and cleaning the facades at an altitude of 25 meters (7 floors). Using warm deionized water and carbon rods Gardiner.
  • Washing and dry cleaning of blinds
  • Washing of building facade
  • Cleaning and garbage disposal
  • High-altitude work
  • Professional cleaning of carpets, carpets, upholstered furniture
  • Repair and decoration of premises
  • Electric installation work
  • Landscaping, landscaping

To make an order for cleaning you just need to call our company and call on the manager's site. He will give you advice on organizing professional cleaning of offices, adjacent territories and other types of cleaning, determine the scope and composition of work and submit an estimate with all the items of expenditure. This service is free of charge.


We strive to create an impeccable cleaning service for our customers.

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