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Hot water super class
HDS 1195-4 S Eco

The HDS 1195-4 S Eco is rated for maximum cleaning performance & user convenience. Equipped with innovative features such as SDS (Soft dampening system) to reduce vibrations, Easy press trigger gun & 10m long life high pressure hose.

This machine is in the super class category and has a long service life even under very demanding operating conditions. This unit would be used in all those areas where stationery systems are normally used e.g in the automotive & construction industry & agriculture.


Polishing machines
BDP 55/1900 W Bp Pack

Battery driven ultra-high-speed polisher with a working width of 55 cm for an area performance up to 2.200 m2/h. Attractively for target groups contact cleaners, municipalites (especially schools) and hotels. Due to its traction drive the BDP 55/1900 W Bp is qualified for bigger objects.

Wet and dry vacuum cleaners
BDP 55/1900 W Bp Pack

The NT 65/2 Eco is a powerful, twin-motor wet and dry vacuum cleaner to meet the demanding needs of professional applications. Features of this unit include the tilting chassis making it easier to empty fluids from the container, an automatic shut down system when maximum capacity is reached, a drainage hose for emptying liquids and Kärcher's power filter clean system which clears or unblocks the filter giving constant high suction power.


Spray-extraction cleaners
Puzzi 100 Super

Spray extraction cleaner for commercial or private use. Output appr. 10-15 sq.m/h. The large tank for cleaning fluid as well as the water flow rate and pressure are designed in this cleaner for basic cleaning of medium-sized surfaces.


Window cleaner
WV 50 Plus ca.

WV 50 plus – The first electric window vac developed from Kärcher for the optimal support of cleaning flat surfaces. The set containes a complete solution for cleaning windows.


Specification Sheet
HD 5/12 CX Plus

The HD 5/12 CX Plus is a brand new lightweight and compact cold water high pressure cleaner that comes with an in built hose reel and dirt blaster nozzle as standard.

With a brass cylinder head, easy press trigger gun, 15m hose and a water flow rate of 500 litres per hour, this all-rounder is the perfect machine for quick and efficient daily cleaning tasks.